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What is ESI Registration?

ESI registration is mandatory for entities and establishment covered under the ESI Act and having 10 or more person employed in such establishment whose salary does not exceed 21000 per month.ESI returns are filed on half-yearly basis on 11 November and 11th May.ESI contribution is deposited on a monthly basis on 15th of every month. The purpose of ESI is to provide medical benefits to employee and their family, provide monthly income to dependent in case employee death on duty. Once registered under ESI can not invoke registration even if number of employees reduces from 10.Once registered will remain active till the lifetime of entity.

Whats Your Advantage

Mandatory Compliance

Every entity require to take compulsory registration in case Number of employee exceed 10 and drawing salary upto 21000

Host of service on small contribution

ESI offers host of services like Medical benefits, Sickness Benefits, Maternity Benefits, Dependent benefits, death and Disablement benefits.Employee share is 1% of gross salary and employer contribution is 4% of gross salary.

Moral Booster

Labour prefer to work in an entity which is registered under ESI.Since ESI provide benefits to employee and coverage in many unfavourable situtaions like death on duty.ESI registration increase entities credibility and boost morale of employees.

Unemployemnt Allownces

Basic purpose of registration is to provide basic health expenses coverage to employee who are drawing less salary, Now under the Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana, unemployment allowance is payable to an insured Person who become unemployed after being insured three or more years, due to closure of factory/establishment, retrenchment or permanent invalidity.

    • If Number of employee exceed 10 drawing salary less than 21000 per month than mandatory registration.
    • Organization can opt for Voluntary registration
    • Organizations need to pay Contribution at specified rate and within specified due dates.
    Company details
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • ID proof of DirectorsDSC of Director
    • List of all directors with Address and ID Proof
    • MOA, AOA
    • Mobile Number and Official ID of all Directors
    • Board resolution
    Employee Details
    • Name, Father’s Name, Date of joining
    • Date of birth, Mobile number, Postal address
    • Name of nominee, Grade, Salary
    • Designation, ID proof (Aadhaar Card and PAN Card)
    • Bank A/c number with IFSC code
    • Voluntary application, employee details, Signature, date of agreement
    Common Documents Required
    • First sale bill.
    • First purchase bill of raw material and machinery.
    • GST Registration Certificate if registered under GST.
    • Name of the bankers, address of the bank.
    • Record of a monthly strength of the number of employees.
    • Register of salary and wages, all vouchers, all balance sheets from day one to current date of provisional coverage.
    • Date of joining of employees, fathers name and date of birth.
    • Salary and PF Statement.
    • Cross cancelled cheque

Whats the Process

  • 1
    Basic Documents

    Arrange and provide Basic documents as per the list provided by us

  • 2
    Payment of Fees

    Make the payment of Registration fees

  • 3
    Initiate Process

    An application is to be filed online

  • 4
    Key Deliverables

    Get the ESI Registration certificate


    • ESI Registration Certificate

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  • ESI Registration for 10 Employees



  • ESI and PF Registration with 20 Employees



  • ESI and PF Registration with less than 30 Employees

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ESI stands for Employee state insurance . This scheme is regulated by ESIC Act 1948. ESI Registration is maintained by Labour welfare Organization name ESIC. The basic aim of ESI registration is to provide benefits to employee in case of Sickness, Maternity, Disablement and death.

All Factories and establishment as defined under the act having 10 or more employee drawing salary less than 21000 are required to obtain the registration under ESI.

Registration in ESI is completely online. Registration can be done at https://registration.shramsuvidha.gov.in/user/login Download the ESI registration manual for establishment registration and follow the steps given in the manual.

ESI Act required establishments to register within 10 days If employee strength reaches 10. Failure to comply with the provision can invite penalty and it also amount to criminal offences which is punishable under section 85 of the Act.

ESI is deducted on Gross salary of employee. Employee contribution is 1% of Gross salary while Employer contribution is 4 %.

ESI payment needs to be deposited by 15 of every month. ESI return is filed on half yearly basis and the due dates are 11 May and 11 November.

Registration under ESI cannot be cancelled until and unless entitiy wounded up and closed down.ESI Commissioner can consider special cases where employer undertake that there is no employee left and in future no employee will be hired. After presentation of all relevant documents to the satisfaction of commissioner cancellation may be granted.

Once registered under ESI, all the compliances need to be done necessarily in spite of the fact that the number of employee reduces from 10.

  • ESIC covers the following benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Medical benefits to employee and family
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Death benefits- Salary equal to 90% is given to the dependent of employee in case on duty death.

Contribution on ESI is calculate on Gross salary basis

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