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What is DesignRegistration?

Design registration is a type of intellectual property registration which is governed under the Design Act, 2000. Design registration in India provides protection to any shape, configuration, patterns, the composition of lines or colours. However, the design has to be original and must be applied via industrial process to appear on the final product with a clear distinction judged solely by normal vision. Design registration will not deal with anything that is covered under patent registration, copyright registration, or trademark registration.

A design registration gives the owner of the design a right to sell, franchise, or contract the design as it is an intellectual property and intangible asset. Design registration in India gives the owner an exclusive monopoly power of protecting the design for a limited period. The period of a design registration is for 10 years which can be further extended to another 5 years.


Legal Protection

Design registration in India serves as a legal proof for the owner and opens up a range of legal options in a case on infringement. As a legal recourse in case of infringement, the owner of the design can sue the person committing the infringement.

Competitive advantage

Design registration provides an edge over the competitors as the person or entity that has registered the design has exclusive rights to apply the design to the article on the class under which it is registered.

Increase Business revenue

Through design registration, it is easy for the owner of the design to sell, franchise, or commercially contract the design. This can help in increasing business revenues by opening up alternative revenue streams.