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What is the registration?

A copyright is an intellectual property that is governed by the Copyrights Act, 1957. Copyright is an intellectual right that is given to the creators of literary, music, books, artistic work, etc. against their inventions such as books, music, software etc. from being copied and misused. Copyright registration provides security, right to sue in case of misuse, the legal right of ownership, and also helps to build up goodwill for business expansion.

It is not mandatory to register a copyright, but not doing so will devoid the creator of any benefits and legal recourse provided by the law. The copyright registration process is not complicated and can be completed with a few easy steps. Online copyright registration is also possible for a few categories.

Whats Your Advantage

Prevent Copy

The copyright registration in India protects the creation from being copied or misused by unauthorized individuals or entity.

Filing of suit

With a copyright registration in India, the owner gets the right to file a suit in case of infringement of the right. It acts as a deterrent against unauthorized reproduction of the copyrighted work.

Creation of Asset

A copyright is an intellectual property and is an intangible asset as well. The copyrights can be sold, franchised, or commercially contracted by the creator. Thus, a copyright registration creates an intangible asset, just like trademarks and patents.

Trust and goodwill

A registered invention builds greater trust and goodwill when compared to non-registered one. Copyright registration also helps in building brand image and improve brand recall among your users.

    • The invention for which the copyright is required to be an original work and must not have any previously registered or applied application for such invention.
    • The invention must be useful in nature.
    • Name of the Applicant (Proof to be provided)
    • Full address of the applicant.(Proof to be provided)
    • Nature of Invention which includes class, discription, title and Language of work if required.
    • If the invention is publised then date of such publication.

Whats the Process

  • 1
    Documents required

    Arrange and provide basic documents as per the list provided by us.

  • 2

    Making an application for registration

  • 3
    Registration application

    Filing of registration

  • 4
    Get Certificate


    • Copyright registration certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The copyright can be obtained for any literary work such as computer software or an audio recording such as songs, recorded dialogues, video, film or artistic works such as paintings, drawings or any artistic work.

The original owner of the invention such as artist, musician, designer, poet, writer, etc. can make an application.

Once copyright application is filed, and on receiving acknowledgement receipt, the applicant can use “C” symbol.

Copyright once registered is permanent in nature and will exist for the lifetime of the inventor and for further 60 years after the death of the inventor.

The following rights are provided to the copyright holder:

  • The right of reproduction of the original work.
  • The right to determine who will modify the work.
  • The right to be attributed to the work.

In case of infringement of copyright, the copyright holder can send a statutory notice to the concerned person involved in the infringement. If the person does not withdraw using the copyright, then legal actions can be taken and the concerned person or entity can be sued in the court of law for the same.

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