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What is the registration?

Director is an individual appointed to manage and take business decisions of the Company and group of directors collectively form Board of Directors. As per statutory requirement one person company should have minimum one director, Private Limited should have minimum 2 Director and Public Limited should have minimum of three director which may extend to maximum of 15 directors. Provided that a company may appoint more than 15 directors after passing a special resolution. The additional director can be appointed by passing a Board resolution and filing Form DIR 12 within 30 days from the date of such appointment.

Whats Your Advantage

Decision making power

Increase in director will increase the decision making power as more ideas will be introduced.


The Directors take decisions on behalf of the Company and are appointed in the Company with motive to bring in innovative ideas for development.

    • Proof of Identity (Driving Licence/Voter Id/Passport)
    • Proof of Permanent Residence (Any Utility Bill/Bank Passbook copy/ Bank Statement)
    • Proof of Present Address (If different from Permanent Address)
    • Copy of PAN card and aadhar card

Whats the Process

  • 1
    Arranging the Documents

    Arrange and provide list of documents as per the checklist shared.

  • 2
    Holding of BM

    he Board resolution is required to be passed for appointment.

  • 3
    Filing of Form

    Form DIR 12 for appointment within 30 days of passing resolution is required to be filed.

  • 4
    Appointment Letter

    Issue letter of appointment

Let's Start Now



  • Addition of a Director with DIN and DSC



  • Addition of 2 Director with DIN and DSC



  • Addition of 3 Director with DIN and DSC

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An individual appointed to manage and take business decisions of the Company is Known as Director and group of directors collectively form Board of Directors.

No, Company cannot become a Director of the Company.

A Company can appoint maximum of 15 directors which can further be increased by passing a special resolution.

No, DIN is a mandatory requirement to become a director.

No, a Director cannot hold two DIN at the same time and will be required to surrender one of the two.

Form DIR 12 is required to be filed within 30 days of apoointment with attachment:
  • Resolution passed for appointment
  • Declarartion from director with KYC

The entire registration process can be completed within 7 working days depending upon the time taken by registrar for approval of application filed. If the forms doesn't get approved in first application then the time period for completing the process may get extended accordingly.

As per spice, DIN is allotted to maximum of three directors through single window of spice.

Further the DSC of only two directors/subscribers is included in package and any addition will be charged additionally.

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